Janet H. SheaI have always been drawn to artistic representations of landscapes and nature. As a child, I drew and painted images from my home in upstate New York. I majored in graphic and fine arts from Colorado State University. Later, my family life inspired me to adapt decorative art to functional use. I designed storybooks for the children, stitched quilts, and as time allowed, began to challenge myself artistically. I enjoyed working with textiles and sought new ways to express myself using fabric and thread. My own style evolved over time, ultimately allowing me to "paint" with a thread on fabric the way many artists do with paint on canvas.

Sumacs and AstersMy inspiration comes from a love of my natural surroundings. Stepping outside my door every day, I marvel at the complementary colors I see: an orange sumac against the blue of the lake, a green field against the lavender morning sky. These images come to life through a unique art form that I have created using machine embroidery on pieced fabric.
Janet H. Shea. 315-252-9011
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